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Winter trip to Budapest

The life had changed a lot since I started this blog. We are no longer living in Budapest and I miss the country, the memories and friends we left behind. Then we decided to return to Hungary for Christmas. Planning what to do during the Christmas time in Budapest is not easy. It will be cold […]

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Where the subway stations meet each other in Budapest?

The main cemetery in Budapest is called Kerepesi and is not a touristic destination at all but it should be. It doesn’t host the Western icons like the ones in Paris neither attract crowds to its funeral ceremonies like New Orleans’. But for those who know a little more deep the history of the country, […]

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If you wonder how is spring in Hungary, I can show you these pictures of the fields of Pipacs or Poppy (in Portuguese is Papoula) I shoot last Friday on the way to the office. I did’t resist it! I pulled over the car to register this moment in my cell phone, my heart and […]

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Last week I went to my co-workers to Szilvasvarad for a trekking at the National park of Bukk. It was a sort of team building and we choose this place because it is close to Budapest, nice green area, waterfalls and lakes and on top of that (literally) there is a big cave where ancients […]


How do I tell my mom this?

Nowadays the people are more enthusiastic about Black Friday than the Holy Friday, I know. But in Brazil, it is a important Christian Holiday (the second one please, not the first at least not yet!). In Hungary and in Europe in general isn´t and then comes the question… how to explain your ultra-religious Mom you can´t save […]

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Beauty and the beast

The waste is everywhere on the streets of Budapest today. Everybody received a letter at home some days ago asking us to put all the stuff we wont need more and want to give away on the side walk today. Once a year (or twice, I am not familiar with the rules) the municipality send trucks […]


You say goodbye and I say hello!

The greetings and regards in Hungary are something very nice and made me rescue something in my soul I want to share, maybe it can help you also! The daily life in big cities, full of unknown faces, people in a hurry, always affraid to get on time to their appointments (even though this will […]

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Trabant in my thoughts and memories

The other day I saw a Trabant parked beside a X8 or another X-SUV made by BMW and I wondered how the cars and the chickens were able to grow enormously in the last 50 years… For who doesn´t know, Trabant (also called Trabi) is a car produced by Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau in East German […]

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The Anacondas of the Line 2

For those who come from a city where there’s no escalators in town, the huge ones at the red line of the Budapest subway can cause astonishment! They remind me huge and endless Anaconda! The red line or line 2 is the deepest one because it crosses the river Danube underneath  This is the line that links Buda […]



Learning curve living abroad 2 – shopping

When I moved to Hungary, the nightmare was to go to the supermarket on the weekends. I spent hours looking for things, trying to read packages in strange languages to me, looking for products that it doesn’t exist here! In my second month here, my friend Renata who lives in Frankfurt came over to help […]


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