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Crossing cultures

Ok, my blog is about Hungary, but I am still Brazilian. Then I got this post today from a Blog of a foreigner (I guess) who lives in Brazil. He listed around 100 things about Brazilians that seems different or typical for him. I have to say that some of them don´t fit to myself […]


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What is your superstition tonight?

Tonight is the celebration of New year´s eve and in Hungary, as many other countries, the people go party! An event less celebrated among relatives and more with friends, specially in Budapest the young people go to pubs or clubs or they simply walk around downtown. Others meet friends at home or in restaurants. There […]

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Fish soup for Christmas?

This sounds so strange for Brazilians, but in Hungary the fish soup is very traditional for Christmas dinner and for the day after as well! Differently from Brazilians, the Hungarians eat pork and poultries all year long. This list of the regular Hungarian meal includes from the cheapest to the most expensive: chicken, turkey, goose […]


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