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MUPA: the surprise is a little further

Mupa is the short for Palace of Arts in Hungarian ( . In my opinion this is the biggest and one of the best venues in Hungary for concerts of classical music international or Hungarian artists in Budapest. It also hosts the Ludwig Museum and Hungarian National Philharmonic. They are located within the Millennium City area, […]

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Budapest in Video – part 1 (Katy Perry´s Firework)

In 2010 the singer Katy Perry launched the music video of her song Firework. Besides any opinion about the song or the singer, I would like to highlight here that the video was recorded in Budapest. My opinion is that the view of Budapest here is breath taking and reason for the awards received for this video.  On […]


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Hungarian folks dance for men – is it easy or not?

My favorite Hungarian folks dance is this one when the men dance jumping and kicking their boots! I love it! Unfortunately I don´t know the name of this dance and I don´t know any other detail about it. It would be nice if one of readers could comment on that! The video below shows the […]

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Songs to drive in Hungary – Part 1 (Republic)

One tip: if you ever have to sing a song in a Karaoke in HUngarian, Republic is my tip for you! I am sure you will succeed because I did! Last year we made a team building with a Karaoke. Everybody was shy, nobody wanted to start and then I offered myself for the first […]

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I know these songs, but the lyrics are different…

Sometimes the Hungarians change the lyrics of songs to their language, sometimes changing the meaning as well completely! One song to be checked is this song Holiday, internationally famous with Madona, in Hungary turned out a Rap! Yes, but it is nice, I liked it and the most important, it was one of the first […]


ABBA? No, I´d rather Neoton Familia

One of the first bands I liked in Hungary was Neoton Família. The song Santa Maria was the one first to ring the bell. I already knew that song from disco parties in Brazil, the English version, so how could I guess that it was in fact a Hungarian Band behind? Yes, I thought maybe […]


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