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MUPA: the surprise is a little further

Mupa is the short for Palace of Arts in Hungarian ( . In my opinion this is the biggest and one of the best venues in Hungary for concerts of classical music international or Hungarian artists in Budapest. It also hosts the Ludwig Museum and Hungarian National Philharmonic. They are located within the Millennium City area, […]

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Where the subway stations meet each other in Budapest?

The main cemetery in Budapest is called Kerepesi and is not a touristic destination at all but it should be. It doesn’t host the Western icons like the ones in Paris neither attract crowds to its funeral ceremonies like New Orleans’. But for those who know a little more deep the history of the country, […]

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My Hungarian shopping list

When I moved to Budapest, almost 4 years ago, the language was a huge problem. Specially when I needed to go to the market. If you are a tourist, it is different. You stay most probably in a downtown hotel, you go to touristic restaurants,  maybe you have a guide and you will visit mostly […]

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How do I tell my mom this?

Nowadays the people are more enthusiastic about Black Friday than the Holy Friday, I know. But in Brazil, it is a important Christian Holiday (the second one please, not the first at least not yet!). In Hungary and in Europe in general isn´t and then comes the question… how to explain your ultra-religious Mom you can´t save […]

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20th of August: Foundation of Hungary and Saint Stephen´s Day This video was made by a Hungarian television channel to celebrate the 20th of August in 2005. I like it a lot because one can see an aerial view of the Danube River, Buda Castle and the singer on top of the Chain Bridge! The song is called Magyaroszág that for those who doesn’t […]

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Budapest in Video – part 1 (Katy Perry´s Firework)

In 2010 the singer Katy Perry launched the music video of her song Firework. Besides any opinion about the song or the singer, I would like to highlight here that the video was recorded in Budapest. My opinion is that the view of Budapest here is breath taking and reason for the awards received for this video.  On […]


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What is your superstition tonight?

Tonight is the celebration of New year´s eve and in Hungary, as many other countries, the people go party! An event less celebrated among relatives and more with friends, specially in Budapest the young people go to pubs or clubs or they simply walk around downtown. Others meet friends at home or in restaurants. There […]

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Another Hungary by Bukta Imre

This afternoon we visited the Mucsarnok (Arts Museum) in Budapest located at Heroes Square. There was an exhibition of Imre Bukta, a Hungarian artist and his “Another Hungary” work. The scenes portrayed by the artist maybe are far from the image we have in big cities like Budapest or the impressions the tourists take home […]


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What makes you cry?

     Today, after three and half years living in Hungary I visited the Terror House Museum in Budapest. The exhibition is well organized and tells the history of the house since the Arrow Cross Party acquired the house at Andrassy ut 60 to be the party headquarters at the 30´. For those who had never […]


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A blind date in Budapest? I know who can help you to find the best place!

There is a book writer that is in my opinion a very good guide book of Budapest because it brings you a perspective you cannot find anywhere else. It brings you funny situations and gives you tips of places you cannot find in a guide book for regular tourists. Andras Torok is a Hungarian author […]


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