A blind date in Budapest? I know who can help you to find the best place!

andras torok
There is a book writer that is in my opinion a very good guide book of Budapest because it brings you a perspective you cannot find anywhere else. It brings you funny situations and gives you tips of places you cannot find in a guide book for regular tourists.

Andras Torok is a Hungarian author and he wrote several books about Budapest. Checking his website http://www.pergolam-budapest.hu/updates/ , I found some interesting pieces that I would like to share with you and I selected 3 examples:
7 Places to meet someone for the first time
7 Places to meet a lady of your dreams, if you don’t necessarily want to tell it all the World
10 Places for an Affluent Émigré uncle, who wants to impress former sweetheart after 50 years

I am sure out of this list you will find the perfect place for a blind date in Budapest, no matter how old the victim is! The places are very nice and sometimes so unusual and hidden that matches any purpose…

But talking seriously about his work, check his other books and specially his Budapest: A Critical Guide, which was defined in his own website as “unlike any other “guidebook”. It is funny patchwork of hard facts and personal, biased opinion, and a very good read — away from the town or on the spot. There are no photos in it, but 41 “foolproof” maps, ones that describe the 5 circular walks, that give you a less and less touristy image of the city”
“For Serious Travellers and First Time Visitors Alike… an unusual, cult book — possibly the truest, most personal, and funniest insider’s city guide ever written about any major city, updated as often as necessary, by Budapest author/historian András Török. With 41 “idiotproof” maps, (by András Felvidéki, illustrator), 5 walks, 36 independent restaurant tips, and a lot more. (Park Publishers, http://www.parkkiado.hu)”

I have to confess I still didn’t buy my copy of it, but I am pretty much interested in. Even though I live here for three and a half years, he mentioned some places that I still don’t know. Actually, this is soothing to learn about Budapest, one life is short to discover all its secrets!



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