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Freedom´s Fury – documentary

This post goes especially dedicated to my followers who like sports and history.The documentary Freedom´s Fury is interesting if you want to know a little more about the Hungarian revolution of 1956. The story was told to us from the perspective of the Hungarian National water polo team which won the gold medal in 56. […]


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Budapest, the book (post 1 – reblogged)

Originally posted on JoV's Book Pyramid:
This post is a scheduled post. By the end of today, 25 October, I would be leaving Budapest and heading to Vienna. It seems apt to introduce you a book I read before I embark on my travel titled, Budapest. José Costa is a Brazilian writer, except he…

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Budapest, the book (part 2 reblogged)

Originally posted on megalopolisnow:
“Budapest” is the third  novel of Chico Buarque (2003) and also a movie directed by Walter Carvalho Exile is a recurrent theme in Buarque’s life and work. Budapest is the story of José Costa, a writer who finds himself stranded in the Hungarian capital when a bomb scare grounds his plane. Written…

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Sunshine – the movie (1999)

Today we watched the movie Sunshine (1999) with Ralph Fiennes, Rachel Weiss and William Hurt. The movie was nominated to 3 Golden Globe Awards, I can´t understand why… Technically speaking, I thought the movie could do much better. From a historical perspective, I loved it. This is a historical movie that tells the history of […]


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It’s not enough to be Hungarian, you must also have talent!

I always heard that during the 30´s, the Hungarians dominated Hollywood. There is also a story I believed being a myth that in one of the studios in Hollywood there was a sign at the entrance saying: “It’s not enough to be Hungarian to make films. One must also have talent.” Also, another phrase commissioned […]



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