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If you wonder how is spring in Hungary, I can show you these pictures of the fields of Pipacs or Poppy (in Portuguese is Papoula) I shoot last Friday on the way to the office. I did’t resist it! I pulled over the car to register this moment in my cell phone, my heart and […]

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Kids around…

This morning, I saw a 8 years old girl coming back from shopping, holding her bags full of groceries and soda. She got the house key out of her pocket and entered in her house and I entered in my memories! Since very young, I used to be the one to go to the bakery […]

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Learning curve living abroad

A friend of mine asked me to share this experience here. She said it might help other people. Ok, maybe! The winter of 2010 was my first experience ever in such a cold weather. It was around -15.C and we were working until late in our office in Csomad, 30km from Budapest. That night only […]


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My favorite (catholic) churches in Hungary

Of course I haven´t visited all the churches in Hungary and also I don´t have any plans to do so, but I think there are 3 of them I should list here due to their size and historical importance. Budapest´s Saint Stephen´s Basilica (Szent István-bazilika) I have posted already some pictures of this huge church […]

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a Seattleite teaching university in eastern Hungary

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