Learning curve living abroad

A friend of mine asked me to share this experience here. She said it might help other people. Ok, maybe!

The winter of 2010 was my first experience ever in such a cold weather. It was around -15.C and we were working until late in our office in Csomad, 30km from Budapest.

58622_10151406924496145_1579037987_nThat night only the girls were there. I was the only one non Hungarian.

It was snowing so badly and my car was completly frozen and the windows durty. I offered to drive people home and while they were packing, I decided to warm the engine up and clean the windows.

I didn’t think twice. I went to the kitchen and got a jar with water and when I was about to splash it, someone came from inside shouting on me: “don’t do this!”.

It was too late. I did it. I splashed the water at the front window and immediately the glass was frozen witha tick cover of ice!

We tried hard but we didn’t manage to clean or scratch it out. At the end, after some time with the engine on and the heating system at its warmer, we got just a tide stripe on the botton of the front window of the car melted. And then I drove back home bending towards the wheel and using just this small stripe.

To make my day even better, my colleague sitting on my side complained all the way to Budapest in a bossy way that I should know that to clean your window you need anti-icy spray! Because my brother must have told me that…

Sorry. My brother what?

I don’t have a brother, but in case I would, he would be a Brazilian and likewise he wouldn’t have a clue how to clean the glass at -15! Ok, except if he wasn’t little better than me in Phisics! (I pray to my teacher Mr Sigeo never read this post in his life, otherwise he could try to recall my high school diploma!)

So, my nice advice is:
if you don’t have a brother,
if you are from a Tropical country,
if you were not a good student in Thermodynamics,
if you don’t like your windows durty during the winter…

But you have a chance to read this post before any catastroph, please keep in your car: the anti-icy spray, the tool to scratch the icy (I still don’t know the name of it!) and a brush.

They will be you best friends at least for 1 season per year537934_10151406928961145_269708358_n!

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  1. #1 by Renata on January 18, 2013 - 2:05 am

    Hahahaha. I almost cried the first time I had to clean a car covered in ice… but I had a scraper!!

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