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Last night some things didn’t work out as planned, but we had a great time anyway. Thanks to this wonderful city! Thanks Budapest! The night started taking the tram number 2. No doubt this is the most beautiful line in town once you have from inside a panoramic view of some spots from Buda side, […]

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What is your superstition tonight?

Tonight is the celebration of New year´s eve and in Hungary, as many other countries, the people go party! An event less celebrated among relatives and more with friends, specially in Budapest the young people go to pubs or clubs or they simply walk around downtown. Others meet friends at home or in restaurants. There […]

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Hungarian folks dance for men – is it easy or not?

My favorite Hungarian folks dance is this one when the men dance jumping and kicking their boots! I love it! Unfortunately I don´t know the name of this dance and I don´t know any other detail about it. It would be nice if one of readers could comment on that! The video below shows the […]

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