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Trabant in my thoughts and memories

The other day I saw a Trabant parked beside a X8 or another X-SUV made by BMW and I wondered how the cars and the chickens were able to grow enormously in the last 50 years… For who doesn´t know, Trabant (also called Trabi) is a car produced by Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau in East German […]

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The Anacondas of the Line 2

For those who come from a city where there’s no escalators in town, the huge ones at the red line of the Budapest subway can cause astonishment! They remind me huge and endless Anaconda! The red line or line 2 is the deepest one because it crosses the river Danube underneath  This is the line that links Buda […]



Learning curve living abroad 2 – shopping

When I moved to Hungary, the nightmare was to go to the supermarket on the weekends. I spent hours looking for things, trying to read packages in strange languages to me, looking for products that it doesn’t exist here! In my second month here, my friend Renata who lives in Frankfurt came over to help […]


Learning curve living abroad

A friend of mine asked me to share this experience here. She said it might help other people. Ok, maybe! The winter of 2010 was my first experience ever in such a cold weather. It was around -15.C and we were working until late in our office in Csomad, 30km from Budapest. That night only […]


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It is snowing…

I am always sad when it is snowing. Mostly because the hard times we have to face to get out: clean the car, drive slowly, dirty shoes, heavy coats, freezing fingers, etc. tonight it is different. I am nostalgic. I am thinking how I will miss these nights when my balcony is white, the Parliament is hidden behind the light […]


Originally posted on Poppy Goes Happy:
The best Christmas gift I got this year was without doubt a real magical experience from my Mum: She bought tickets (for herself and me) for the ballet performance of The Nutcracker, in the Opera House of Budapest. This ballet is something she and me wanted to watch basically…

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The 1000 years Hungarian crown

Today is the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the return of the Hungarian Crown to the Country. This is the Crown used by all the kings since the foundation of Hungary by King Saint Stephen during the century XI. The Crown contents 3 parts: the corona greca (inside), corona latina (upper part) and the cross […]

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Originally posted on great hungarian plain:
I left off yesterday with our wanderings. Now, for a few of the things we actually saw: first up was the Bathory Castle. I’ll preface it with a quick history lesson. If you look closely at the name Nyírbátor, you’ll notice the latter half of the name is bátor.…

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Do you know where you live?

When I moved to Hungary, one of the first things I did was to investigate who was this Báthory after who the street where I live was named! And I got surprised and fascinated by the history, especially when the vampires came to the picture! I still don´t know exactly to which family member the […]

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Máriapócs, a hidden treasury

Toady I posted my favorite Catholic churches. What I forgot to mention was that those are Roman Catholics. My favorite Greek Bizantine Catholic is Máriapócs! I visited this church after Christmas in 2011. We were returning from Romania and stopped in Nyírbathory, the city close by, to visit Báthory family castle and a beautiful protestant […]


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