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What is your superstition tonight?

Tonight is the celebration of New year´s eve and in Hungary, as many other countries, the people go party! An event less celebrated among relatives and more with friends, specially in Budapest the young people go to pubs or clubs or they simply walk around downtown. Others meet friends at home or in restaurants. There […]

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One week together!

Today is the 1st week anniversary of Délibáb! I am glad to annouce that since I launched it, there were 201 visits, 30 posts and visitors from several countries. My big hug to the visitors from Brazil, Hungary, Italy, US, Canadá, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Denmark, Austria, France that made my week! Now I am […]

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One post about nothing

This post has no important goal, just to show the crowd at the ice skating ring behind Heroes Square this afternoon. There was a long line outside of people waiting for their turn to enter into it. At moments like this, besides the fact of the huge line, I am really sorry to not be […]

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Bookcafe in Budapest

There is a building at Andrássy Ut in Budapest where it used to work a department store called Párizs (Paris). Nowadays, you will find an Alexandra Bookstore there, one of the biggest book sellers in Hungary together with Libri. So far so good, an ordinary book store as any other in town, but what is […]



Another Hungary by Bukta Imre

This afternoon we visited the Mucsarnok (Arts Museum) in Budapest located at Heroes Square. There was an exhibition of Imre Bukta, a Hungarian artist and his “Another Hungary” work. The scenes portrayed by the artist maybe are far from the image we have in big cities like Budapest or the impressions the tourists take home […]


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What makes you cry?

     Today, after three and half years living in Hungary I visited the Terror House Museum in Budapest. The exhibition is well organized and tells the history of the house since the Arrow Cross Party acquired the house at Andrassy ut 60 to be the party headquarters at the 30´. For those who had never […]


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A blind date in Budapest? I know who can help you to find the best place!

There is a book writer that is in my opinion a very good guide book of Budapest because it brings you a perspective you cannot find anywhere else. It brings you funny situations and gives you tips of places you cannot find in a guide book for regular tourists. Andras Torok is a Hungarian author […]


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Freedom´s Fury – documentary

This post goes especially dedicated to my followers who like sports and history.The documentary Freedom´s Fury is interesting if you want to know a little more about the Hungarian revolution of 1956. The story was told to us from the perspective of the Hungarian National water polo team which won the gold medal in 56. […]


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Budapest, the book (post 1 – reblogged)

Originally posted on JoV's Book Pyramid:
This post is a scheduled post. By the end of today, 25 October, I would be leaving Budapest and heading to Vienna. It seems apt to introduce you a book I read before I embark on my travel titled, Budapest. José Costa is a Brazilian writer, except he…

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Budapest, the book (part 2 reblogged)

Originally posted on megalopolisnow:
“Budapest” is the third  novel of Chico Buarque (2003) and also a movie directed by Walter Carvalho Exile is a recurrent theme in Buarque’s life and work. Budapest is the story of José Costa, a writer who finds himself stranded in the Hungarian capital when a bomb scare grounds his plane. Written…

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