MUPA: the surprise is a little further

photo (2)Mupa is the short for Palace of Arts in Hungarian ( .

In my opinion this is the biggest and one of the best venues in Hungary for concerts of classical music international or Hungarian artists in Budapest. It also hosts the Ludwig Museum and Hungarian National Philharmonic.

They are located within the Millennium City area, a real estate development build to have cultural, leisure, business and residences all together in a privileged location at the riverbank. The area is 3km away from downtown and not so attended by tourists, however I recommend you to take the tram number 2 and to experience that even to get there is part of the program. This tram is the most famous itinerary of Budapest’s public transportation because it runs along the Duna River from Margit Bridge until Mupa and the landscape is cinematographic! Also you can rent a bike to get there easily along the river, but in this case I suggest you to go along the Buda side and cross the Rakoczi bridge.

I had been to Mupa several times for concerts and every time was a nice experience. I highly recommend you to check the program if you are in Budapest and don’t feel discouraged because of the distance. It is only 4 km from Deak Te’r, the main subway station in Pest side.

During the day, you can make nice pictures from the boulevard along the river which connects Mupa and the National Theater (the next big building). Also one can find a small labyrinths and an intriguing building there which I can not tell you what is that for, but you can go up in a spiral ramp (as showed into this picture I made from inside of Ludwig Museum). Fun for kids!

Last December I went to Ludwig Museum ( to visit it for my first time. It is a modern art museum and always there are temporary exhibitions. Once my husband had the opportunity to visit a Robert Capa photo-ehxibition there for example. The permanent collection per se is interesting as well. It is a small collection in comparison to other Modern arts museums in Europe, however, they have at least one piece of sellected icons of Modernism, Art Pop and Contemporary as Picasso, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, etc. My favorite was an installation by Yoko Ono called “Play it by trust” (1986-1987). Check this (amateur) video of Art Basel 2009 where the piece was exhibited and maybe you can understand why it was so touching for me!

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  1. #1 by Estela on February 10, 2014 - 4:18 pm

    Gorgeous place! Thank you for the information Graziela!!!
    Take care 😉

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