Kids around…

This morning, I saw a 8 years old girl coming back from shopping, holding her bags full of groceries and soda. She got the house key out of her pocket and entered in her house and I entered in my memories!

Since very young, I used to be the one to go to the bakery or to the butcher for shopping every other day. Also my bike was my only way to commute.

I was born in the country side in Brazil. That time, the kids were free to go everywhere at anytime. Playing on the streets, riding our bikes, sitting on the side walks or gardens to chat with friends or even blowing our kites were part of our life. Like a childhood should be.

I used to get up around 6am and walked to school more than 1km from my house every day. My parents had no fear and no over protection, so we were always coming and going freely.

Nowadays the things are different. Kids are always taken by their parents, relatives or babysiters everywhere at least at the big cities in Brazil. Everybody is afraid of transit, violence, whatever… and the parents also want to offer more comfort to their kids driving them everywhere.

In Budapest, a city with 2 million inhabitants (the size of Campinas/Brazil let’s say) the things are still a little different.

First of all, the kids go to the closest public schools, what makes possible to walk to. Also there are nice parks and public playgrounds where they can play, accompanied or not. The public libraries and sports/social centers are present in almost every neighborhood  At the outskirts the situation is even better because there are less cars, greener areas and sometimes boulevards between the block buildings. Also it is a safety place.

For the last, it is very common to see families or single parents enjoying the weekends outdoor with their kids. They usually play games, go to playgrounds, ride bikes around the public areas or have a nice picnic. All programs in a budget but with the wealthiest result: the joy of being together!

I love to be in these places where the family programs happen and be the witness of these moments! It takes me back to my childhood… thus, I listed below some some interesting places to go with kids in Budapest and close by:

1. Budapest Zoo and Botanical Gardens:


2. Varosliget park (don’s miss the ducks at the hot water lake or the ice skating ring during the winter)

varos liget

3. Millemaris and the Palace of Wonders

4. Tropicarium Budapest (acquarium)

5. Palace of Arts and its special program for kids including concerts or simply its garden


6. Öböl Park (Kopazi gat – Ujbuda)

tn_obol2_023 tn_obol2_027 tn_obol2_030

7. Children’s railway


8. Wild Life Park in Budakeszi


9. TIT Planetarium of Budapest and Nepliget Park

10. Museum of Transports and its trains and airplanes

airplane 2


11. Skanzen Park in Szentendre – a huge park where you can see replicas of each part of the country  and how the pople lived in Hungary in the countryside


12. Orczy Kalandpark (adventure park)

caland parkiskola

12. Picnic or a easy trekking at Normafa, Janoshegyi (with a visit to Erszebet kilato outlook) or Dobogókő/Pilis during the summer or a slide on the snow



13. Szabadsag square water spring


14. Bears and Wolves Farm

bear farm

Pictureswere downloaded from the links above and from the websites below:


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