Call for contributions

It would be nice to have more people contributing to our blog and writing their experiences in Hungary. If you feel like to write something about one of them, please keep in touch, and if you don´t know about what you should write, I can give you a list…

Robert Capa and his work
Hungarian Nobel Prizes
Why Santa Claus and Christmas are celebrated in different days?
What do the Hungarians have for Christmas? Why the fish soup?
Holywood – It is not enought to be Hungarian, you must be talented!
Angelina Jolie and Brune Willis – why Budapest?
Chuck Norris – why the Hungarians talk a lot about him still?
Norb and Alekssandra – the fitness market
Oxygen – what do you expect from a gym?
Margit Island: the mith and the life around
Thermal bath and wellness: the healthy habits
How to laundry in Hungary – the hard water
How to clean your car in a snowy morning?
Which kind of meat do the Hungarians eat?
The trustful lady in the restaurant in veresegyhaz
Our friend Georgia and the bike store
Homeless people
Falling apart – the sidewalks in Budapest blocked when the snow melt down
Your neighbours
The ABC and the big markets
The bread
Cutting my hair
Car accindents and winter tyres
Elenor and the Santa Claus gifts (or fines)
Traffic rules and the Police
Peak to cheek or shake hands?
Drága Graziela! Szia! Sziastok! Puszi Puszi!
Name day and birthday
The hand of Saint Stephen and the crown
Opera or Operetta?
Corvinus Univeristy and Eotvos – law school
The names: inverted, -wife name and doctor
Báthory Family and Erzsebeth Báthory – the vampire countess
Hévisz, the hospital and the lake
Sopron – the loyal Hungarians!
Szecheny Family and the legend of the lion at Lánc Híd
Casanova in Pest and the legend
Hospital Muzeum
The Jewish neighbourhood, the Zsinagoga and the Holocausto Memorial
Printa Café
Internacional Cuisine and the Hungarian influence – Italian, Mexican, Greek, Thai, Japanese, Kinai and Indian
Cooking Schools
The health system
Getting sick far from home
Kinai Therapia
Thousand Theaters
Lizt Academy and the music icons in Hungary
Kossuth and Bathyany – heroes, subway station or squares?
Rosevelt ter, Elvis Presley ter and Moskva ter
The yellow metro line
Kontroll – the movie
The Hungarian Champs Elysee – Andrassy Utca
Fashion street
The markets – piac and vasasarnok
Buda hills
The bridges
Words in Hungarian similar to Portuguese
How to use your fingers to count
Days of the week
First class service
The airport
Big or small packages?
Hazi Palinka
Small towels at the hotels
Credit card and the exchange rate
Bank transfers and bank accounts
Income tax and the cash effect
Wood bikes and the skooters for kids
The magic cube
Drinking water
Taking a taxi
Godollo e Sissi
Veresegyhaz and the public swimmingpool
Holloko and the traditions
Bab Leves Csarda
Veszprem and the castle festival

The castles in Hungary
The hardest and longest city names
The Hungarian famous cellars and the family wines
Hungarian beers

My curly hair in Hungary

the lamp for my bike, the Italian bike, the massage

Magyarkert – mini Magyarorszag



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