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Winter trip to Budapest

The life had changed a lot since I started this blog. We are no longer living in Budapest and I miss the country, the memories and friends we left behind. Then we decided to return to Hungary for Christmas. Planning what to do during the Christmas time in Budapest is not easy. It will be cold […]

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Where the subway stations meet each other in Budapest?

The main cemetery in Budapest is called Kerepesi and is not a touristic destination at all but it should be. It doesn’t host the Western icons like the ones in Paris neither attract crowds to its funeral ceremonies like New Orleans’. But for those who know a little more deep the history of the country, […]

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The 1000 years Hungarian crown

Today is the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the return of the Hungarian Crown to the Country. This is the Crown used by all the kings since the foundation of Hungary by King Saint Stephen during the century XI. The Crown contents 3 parts: the corona greca (inside), corona latina (upper part) and the cross […]

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Originally posted on great hungarian plain:
I left off yesterday with our wanderings. Now, for a few of the things we actually saw: first up was the Bathory Castle. I’ll preface it with a quick history lesson. If you look closely at the name Nyírbátor, you’ll notice the latter half of the name is bátor.…

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Do you know where you live?

When I moved to Hungary, one of the first things I did was to investigate who was this Báthory after who the street where I live was named! And I got surprised and fascinated by the history, especially when the vampires came to the picture! I still don´t know exactly to which family member the […]

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