The 1000 years Hungarian crown

Today is the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the return of the Hungarian Crown to the Country. This is the Crown used by all the kings since the foundation of Hungary by King Saint Stephen during the century XI.

The Crown contents 3 parts: the corona greca (inside), corona latina (upper part) and the cross on the top, which is today crooked. Also there are four hanging pendants dangling from chains on each side of the diadem and one in the back. But the crown was not always like this. It had changed and improved along its 1000 years. Also the Holy Crown has had a lively history, having been stolen, hidden, lost, recovered, andkep03 taken abroad many times.

After the second war, the Crown was given to the Americans to protect it from the Soviets. The Americas kept it safe for years but also made several researches to verify the historical authenticity of the jewel.

In 6th of January 1978, 35 years ago, the president Jimmy Carter ordered the return of the crown to the Hungarians possession, however some rules were stipulated to guarantee the Hungarian National possession and not its disposal to the Communist Government will.

After the fall of Communism, the crown was incorporated into the National Coat of Arms in 1990 and since 2000, the Holy Crown of Hungary it is hosted at the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest. In 2011, during the celebration of the Foundation of Hungary in August, we had the opportunity to visit the noble room (picture on right) at the Parliament and see the Holy Crown. It is more beautiful alive than in any picture but you can have an idea here what I am talking!

With this link you can get information about visits and see a virtual tour at the main room of the Parliament where the Crown is:

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