How do I tell my mom this?

486634.jpgNowadays the people are more enthusiastic about Black Friday than the Holy Friday, I know. But in Brazil, it is a important Christian Holiday (the second one please, not the first at least not yet!). In Hungary and in Europe in general isn´t and then comes the question… how to explain your ultra-religious Mom you can´t save the sacred holiday?

Holloko, the village of traditions

Holloko, the village of traditions

When your mommy is almost conformed, then comes the second part: ok, Easter is Monday and not Sunday…. and then comes the nightmare and everything back to the starting point again! Specially when you work for a Brazilian company, ´cause it is not only to your mother you have to explain…

This week was so funny. People making plans for 1st of April: meetings, calls, dead lines….  when we declined because of Easter holiday, it comes the puzzled faces and also always you will find the expert-in-holidays that tells you: “no, the holiday is Friday, Holly Friday, not Monday. Easter is always Sunday”.

I have to confess that I am also not convinced at all about the Monday celebration. I was raised saving Fridays and celebrating Sundays. Not working Fridays and celebrating Mondays…  but as they say, if you are at the dance floor…



But this Monday-celebration in Hungary is more than Easter. It has a special scent of spring and in the country side even more. There the traditions are still alive and a interesting episode happens only at this day every year: the watering ritual!

The boys/men go to the girls/women house´s and call them to water them! They splash perfume or water on them and say a little poem. This is symbolic. It is like they are watering the flowers to open because it is already spring.

Isn´t this a beautiful tradition besides the fact the girls get wet and smelling different and not always good scents?

One of my colleagues told me that at her village, called Hatvan (60 in Hungarian just because the village is 60km from Budapest!), the girls always invent some excuses to go for a walking in the fields or to travel during this holiday because nowadays the girls don´t like anymore being watered…. maybe this is the real reason to be a holiday, then the girls can hide themselves! Silly joke, I am sorry! 🙂

The pictures here were not taken in Hatvan! I got them from a webpage about Hollókő, a very nice village where the traditions and architecture is still preserved for generations. (see:

2Another tradition is the festett tojás or painted eggs in Hungarian. The people paint the eggs with very nice motifs and give to other people as a gift or simply uses them as decoration. I have also a history to tell about this that happened in the office I work for.

One of our colleagues painted and gave eggs to everybody in the office. When the boss arrived that day and saw the eggs into everyone´s desk she complimented the decoration and asked to the “artist” if she would receive as well. The answer was short: “I made them to my friends. You are my boss.” – And everybody (even the boss) laugh because it was so spontaneous!

Painted eggs in Hungary


If you want more details about eggs and the sprinking tradition, check this website:

Pictures sources:


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  1. #1 by Renata on March 2, 2013 - 9:17 pm

    Actually Here in Germany this is a very important holiday and has even more meaning than in Brazil (in my opinion). Here they celebrate with real eggs painted (usually with the children) and decorations. And in Greece, Easter is even more important than Christmas.

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