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Kids around…

This morning, I saw a 8 years old girl coming back from shopping, holding her bags full of groceries and soda. She got the house key out of her pocket and entered in her house and I entered in my memories! Since very young, I used to be the one to go to the bakery […]

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Do you know where you live?

When I moved to Hungary, one of the first things I did was to investigate who was this Báthory after who the street where I live was named! And I got surprised and fascinated by the history, especially when the vampires came to the picture! I still don´t know exactly to which family member the […]

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It’s not enough to be Hungarian, you must also have talent!

I always heard that during the 30´s, the Hungarians dominated Hollywood. There is also a story I believed being a myth that in one of the studios in Hollywood there was a sign at the entrance saying: “It’s not enough to be Hungarian to make films. One must also have talent.” Also, another phrase commissioned […]



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