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Using the network!

Many years ago I went to Caribe in a cruise. A girl who was afterwards taking the same ship found me on the internet and send me a message asking how was the trip and so on. Now again, 8 year later I received a message from the same girl who now is coming to […]

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My Hungarian shopping list

When I moved to Budapest, almost 4 years ago, the language was a huge problem. Specially when I needed to go to the market. If you are a tourist, it is different. You stay most probably in a downtown hotel, you go to touristic restaurants,  maybe you have a guide and you will visit mostly […]

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Pogácsa Tour – all about the best Hungarian snack ever!

It is a long time since I wrote last. Today I am back. In Brazil, specially in São Paulo, it is very common do not have breakfast at home. On the way to work you can stop in a bakery or in a “pub” where you can stand up at the counter and have a […]

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Last night some things didn’t work out as planned, but we had a great time anyway. Thanks to this wonderful city! Thanks Budapest! The night started taking the tram number 2. No doubt this is the most beautiful line in town once you have from inside a panoramic view of some spots from Buda side, […]

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Fish soup for Christmas?

This sounds so strange for Brazilians, but in Hungary the fish soup is very traditional for Christmas dinner and for the day after as well! Differently from Brazilians, the Hungarians eat pork and poultries all year long. This list of the regular Hungarian meal includes from the cheapest to the most expensive: chicken, turkey, goose […]


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