Spring in Budapest – good programs for sunny days

The spring is the best time to visit Budapest.

The sun is shinning, the gardens are not only green but colorful. The people are so opened and so happy that makes the environment so fantastic!


I can list my insights for spring but you only can experience and understand how nice they are if you are here.

1. Cross walking Szabadsag ter in a sunny morning. The green grass, the families at the playground, the people walking their dogs, the young couples laid on the grass warming their love in the sun and the impressive and massive buildings surrounding the area always make me feel happy.

budapest_szabadsag_ter__okos_szokokutja_721424_67905 budapest_szabadsag_ter05

2. Ride your bike from Margit Bridge until Szabadsag Bridge along the bike line in Buda side, feel the fresh breeze from Danube in your face and the glittering lights of the Parliament.

szabadsag hid

3. Take your time in a nice coffee, read your book siting on the tables at the sun at the 5th district. You will feel the time really doesn’t matter. I have my favorite places, but I am sure you will find your way as well.


4. Why not make the run circuit at Margit Island? This is an island in the midle of Danube and pretty much the heart of the city. The round is only 5,3km and the path-walk is covered by a soft material to prevent injuries even to amateurs. Also is lighted in the evening. But if this is too much for you, why not put your swimming suit on and enjoy the slides of the water park located there? check the website: http://en.palatinusstrand.hu/


5. Another spring program I like is to ride bike or simply walk through the various parks in town like the very touristic City Park (Varosliget), the calm and green Nepliget or the highest Normafa. Each of them offers to you different features, attractions or simply the calmness one is looking for sun bathing.


6. Let the kids drive you to Normafa! Up there you will have the benefit of the best view of Budapest from above, but since the trees and bushes are not so big. Even more interesting than this, it is the experience of taking the railway operated by children! check the video and you will understand better this tradition which last for many years and it is a interesting part of the educational process for those kids:


Also in 2,6km or 35minutes walking from Normafa you will reach the Erzsébet-kilátó (lookout). A building from the beginning of century XX (http://janoshegyikilato.hu/) that is a popular weekend destination among local families in Budapest due to the green area, nice view and family friend environment. The place was named in honor of the beloved Sissi or Queen Elizabeth who liked the view from that point and visited the Janoshegyi (the name of the hill) a few times while in Hungary.

erszebet kilato

But there is another way to get there: using the cable car (or libego in Hungarian), but I only recommend you to take it if it is not windy. I tried already and I liked it!


7. For the last, enjoy the fruits and the vegetables! Spring is time of tasteful and colorful products. The variety is unique and you can’t find it in any other season. The ones to not be missed are the cherries and the strawberries, specially the Hungarian ones! they are small but sweet. You can always find them fresh at the ABC or at the called piac (markets).

obudai piac

There are also some fairs in town where you can buy directly from the producers. I used to have a list of them, but at this moment I don’t know where it is. The one I know by heart and recommend is the Biopiac – Mom Koszpont Organic Farmer’s Market (http://12.kerulet.ittlakunk.hu/holmi/uzletek/biopiac-csorsz-utcai-okopiac-mom-kulturalis-kozpont) on the weekends.

I have more to share, but with this list you will make the most of your stay in Budapest with tips that only locals could give you.

Hope you have great time in Budapest!

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  1. #1 by bodolai ági on May 11, 2013 - 10:42 am

    Graziela, this list is really cool 🙂
    There is one more thing you could add maybe… Ab Római Part, canoing in the city or having a great Hungarian hekk 🙂 which of course does not exist (imported from Argentina) b.ági

    • #2 by grazielaa on May 11, 2013 - 2:05 pm

      I am glad you liked! I crossed Romai Part by bike going to Szentendre but to tell the truth I’ve never been there, reason why didn’t come to my mind when I wrote this post. But you are right, this is a great program as well! tks!

      • #3 by grazielaa on May 11, 2013 - 6:57 pm

        Agi, now you have to check the post of the day about kids! if you have anything to add,be my guest!

  2. #4 by Estela on May 12, 2013 - 12:04 am

    Interesting!!! This is a useful list to retain to have fun in Budapest!
    Tks Graziela!!! 😉

    • #5 by grazielaa on May 12, 2013 - 1:28 pm

      Hi Estela! it is worth to come, but unfortunately if you do so, I won’t be here any longer. We are moving to another country in JUly. But of course Hungary will remain in my hear and it will be my pleasure to help you out any time to plan this trip!

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