You say goodbye and I say hello!

The greetings and regards in Hungary are something very nice and made me rescue something in my soul I want to share, maybe it can help you also!

The daily life in big cities, full of unknown faces, people in a hurry, always affraid to get on time to their appointments (even though this will never happen!) and the suspect that something can goes wrong if you relax make the people cold and the politeness forgoten!

In Hungary I learned again how to be kind and say hi and bye everytime I enter or leave a place where the others are. No matter if they acquintances or not. For the Hungarians this is very important and if you are going there, watch out!

I will tell you some short stories to ilustrate it.

Once there was a car crash on the way to the office and the minibus that takes our employees was involved. It wasn’t any serious but we took everybody to the public ER for a quickly check up. The ER waiting room was full. When we left, one of my colleagues turned to the people and she said in a polite way to all “see you later” and the people replied. I asked her, do you know that people? And she immediatly said: “no, but this is what one has to do when leave anywhere. This is respect to those who stay!” She was right.

At the gym also. Everyone who enters or leave the changing room always say “sziaztok”. This is a “cool” way to say in Hungarian the ciao like the Italians do (hi or bye). For those who doesn’t know, the Italians say ciao for both hi’s or good bye’s! Back to the point, nobody knows anyone there, maybe they won’t meet each other again, but this is so nice, so cordial!

One of my colleagues said she doesn’t like her gym just because the people are snobish there. I asked why and she said because nobody says hi or bye, never! Then I was wondering that maybe she would never find a gym in Sao Paulo suitable for her! 🙂

Into the wellnes also. The Hungarians love a good wellnes with different saunas. Everytime you enter or leave a sauna room, don’t forget saying hi or bye!

I like a lot this kindness, reason why I am writing about. It is in small things like this you say how you care and how you pay attention to the others!

Now, everywhere I go I say hi and bye.

In my last trips to Sao Paulo, to the headquarters of the company I work for, I found myself saying a good morning in the lift to several people I’ve never met before. Nobody replied to me. No single one. But I fully understand because I did the same for years. I wouldn’t reply to a completely strange talking to me.

When I enter into the plane I said hello to the man sitting on my side. He didn’t replied. A little later, when I took the cab from the airport to the hotel, I said good evening to the driver once I jumped in his car. He didn’t reply to me at all.

No matter, I will insist and I will keep doing this. Who knows the people can feel how nice and cheerful is to receive a good morning even from a “strange person”…

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Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.

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