Máriapócs, a hidden treasury

Toady I posted my favorite Catholic churches. What I forgot to mention was that those are Roman Catholics. My favorite Greek Bizantine Catholic is Máriapócs!

I visited this church after Christmas in 2011. We were returning from Romania and stopped in Nyírbathory,31_090129_mariapocs_t the city close by, to visit Báthory family castle and a beautiful protestant church, then we got to know about Máriapócs. Luckily we decided to drive there. The church is beautiful inside. Everything is gold and shiny!

I confess I didn´t know anything about this Greek side of the Catholic Church. Even though they are present in Brazil, the representativeness of the followers is small there and I had never heard about it until then. But my mom had! She explained me they are linked to the Roman Church and they follow the Pope as well. Once some decedents from the Greek Orthodox Church formed a new church, closer to the Roman Catholic doctrine but preserving some greek traditions, this is the short.

31_090129_kegykep2In case of Máriapócs, that time called only Pócs, the greek catholic community has registers since the 59236606century XVII where a wood church was established in the village. In 1696 a miracle was registered (the Blessed Virgin dropped tears), the small church became famous inside the whole Habsburg Empire and since then the church is the biggest destination for pilgrims in Hungary, receiving annually more than 600,000 people.  In fact, the Austrians took over the weeping Blessed Virgin to Saint Stephen’s cathedral in Vienna, where it is until now. The local people never got over this and many times the return was claimed, even by Ferenc Rákóczi II, with no effect. A copy replaced the original in Pócs, and the copy cried again in 1715, while the original one in Vienna never did it again. In 1905, for the last time the church in Pócs registered new tears from the Blessed Virgin.

To host the huge number of pilgrims, it was built a new church replacing the small wood temple between 1731 and 1756 in Baroque style, and new additions and renovations were done to the building along the years. In 1991, the Pope John Paul II visited Máriapócs and celebrated the Bizantine rite in Hungarian Language.

Maybe is not so hidden, but it is 253km from Budapest and I guess some young Hungarians never heard about this church.

The church website: http://mariapocskegyhely.hu/?q=en/node/322 43530126

Other sources – pictures:




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