Heading to te South: Szeged

Natal and Reveillon 2013 082Last Sunday we went to Szeged, a city crossed by the Tisza river, one of the most important rivers in the country. The third biggest city in Hungary, Szeged is located close to the board with Serbia and Romania, far 170km from Budapest, to get there is very easy by the motorway M5. If you are here and have time to hanging around for a day trip, this is a good destination!       Natal and Reveillon 2013 085

This was my second time there. I particularly like this town because it reminds me Budapest. Of course it is much smaller, but the architecture is similar than Budapest´s and Vienna´s with buildings renovated in downtown and wide avenues. I read that the city was rebuilt by order of Franz Joseph, during the Habsburg Empire at century XIX, after a flood in 1879 that destroyed the old town. If you are a fan of Natal and Reveillon 2013 079architecture and specially Art Nouveau, please visit the website: http://www.pbase.com/helenpb/szeged to check some examples one can find in Szeged.

The first time I visited the town in 2010 with my sister, it was summer and in front of the Votive Church, at the Dóm Natal and Reveillon 2013 083Square, was assembled a big stage for the Open Air Play, one of the most famous events there.

Also Szeged has one of the most important high schools and universities of Hungary and in Europe, for example Ságvári Endre Gyakorló Gimnázium and Radnóti Miklós Kísérleti Gimnázium or the Biology Research Center.

I recommend you to walk on the river band, at the called Vár kért, where is located the National Theater and the Castle Museum. Then go to the Dóm Square where is located the Votive Church. I am sure you will make nice pictures here and be amazed by the dark red building that embraces the square. Walk around to check the buildings of the faculty of Science and then go to Dugonics Square, where is located the Szeged University. Pay attention at the Unger-Mayer House when you head to Kárázs Street, a beautiful boulevard with nice shops and some samples of Art Nouveau. Make a break at A Capella Cukrászda (http://acappella.atw.hu/) for a nice Capella Krémes and a nice hot chocolate. You won´t spend more than Eur2,50!

Natal and Reveillon 2013 080When you reach the Széchenyi Square, make sure you don’t miss the City Hall and the nice buildings around. I advise you to finish your walking at Cálvin Tér where you will find another spot of Art Nouveau and also the Anna Thermal Bath. The bath offer some treatments, but if you want just the basics, I recommend you to take the thermal bath (around EUR3,50) and the wellness (for additional EUR2,50). You won´t regret to end your tour at the relaxing hot pools and several different kinds of sauna.

If you want restaurant tips, I have some recommendations I got from a local friend:

Natal and Reveillon 2013 081


http://www.johnbullpubszeged.hu/  – I´ve tried this one and I liked a lot!

And of course the traditional fish-soup restaurants if you want a very traditional experience:

http://www.oregkorossy.hu/kezdolap or http://www.kiskorossyhalaszcsarda.hu/



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