Natal and Reveillon 2013 088Last night some things didn’t work out as planned, but we had a great time anyway. Thanks to this wonderful city! Thanks Budapest!

The night started taking the tram number 2. No doubt this is the most beautiful line in town once you have from inside a panoramic view of some spots from Buda side, like the Castle, the Gellért hill and the Citadel Monument and the Gellért Hotel. Also you can see the most beautiful bridges, Chain, Liberty and Elizabeth and on Pest side, the tram crosses by the Parliament, the Gresham Palace, Vigadó Square, the big Central Market and Corvinus University heading to the Palace of Arts. Per se, this itinerary is a touristic tour through the main attractions of Budapest.

From the window we saw many people walking around, crossing the bridges and squares, always holding bags with bottles especially for the midnight toasting and some drinks before! The traffic was terrible at Széchenyi István Square (or the renamed Roosevelt Square), luckly we took the public transportation. Also good because in Hungary the tolerance for alcohol for drivers is zero with (correctly) severe punishment.

We went to a Greek restaurant called Taverna Dyonysos ( ) where we are habitués. This used to be one of our favorites restaurants in town and we always took our beloved guests there. But not anymore!

The restaurant sold us a package with a special dinner for last night. We went there 3 days ago, talked directly to the Natal and Reveillon 2013 091manager, paid for the tickets and we could choose a very good table in front of the stage where a band would perform Greek music alive. But, yesterday when we arrived there, around 11pm, there was no table, no place for us! It was overbooked and they sold our table 2 times. Someone else was there, sitting having the meal and the joy we were supposed to have! I have no words to say how disappointing was to close my year with such disappointing event. The restaurant was crowded, there wasn’t one single square meter available, but even this way the manager in charge offered to put a small table beside the table we booked 3 days in advance. Actually that thing was more like a trail than a proper table and very uncomfortable and embarrassing situation to be seat so tide.

Then we gave up. We couldn’t stand to finish our 2012, a wonderful year for us in such a terrible situation. We received our money back and turn our back to Taverna Dyonysos for good. We won´t return there anymore and I will do my best to prevent my dearest acquaintances in doing the same.

But we managed to save our night! Thanks to the Italians crossing the street!

And I have to say that the catastrophe caused by the Greeks turned our night in a very special and delicious surprise!

The Trattoria Toscana ( is right in front of the Greek, we always crossed by that place but we never stop by, even though always agains my husband will. He is half Italian and for him there is no better cuisine other than Italian. From my side, I try to refrain. No Italian restaurant can be better than my father in law´s delicious pasta or pizza in my opinion!

But yesterday, our last choice turned out in a delicious restaurant. I ordered Duck with pomegranate sauce and garlic spinach as garnish.  My husband ordered a kind of Eggplant lasagna and bruscheta. The wine was a mild and woody Hungarian Pinot Noir. This way we relaxed and enjoyed our last evening of 2012.

The waiters offered to everyone at the restaurant a free champagne glass for toasting at midnight and then the funniest part of our night started.

There were some noisy, half drunk and funny young Italians there and they started walk from one to another table to compliment the other customers and waiters and chefs, wishing “Buon Anno” or something like that and kissing everybody, even the men! My husband made a joke saying he started the year in a bad shape, being kissed by a man! They managed to cheer up the whole restaurant! They brought a bottle of Champagne to our table, served glasses to us and wanted to make more and more toasts. They loved the idea of having Brazilians around and they were louder and louder if it was possible! At the end, the Italians wanted to pay our bill! Seriously, the guys offered to pay our bill and stolen it fromNatal and Reveillon 2013 054 our table and took it to the cashier.

Fun enough, we ordered the bill again. Even though it is very nice to start the year with someone else offering to pay your bills we paid it and left the restaurant, leaving behind the young boys and their noisy celebration!

Then we walked back home through Váci Street. The streets were crowded of people walking with nice hats, hanging out with bottles and joy!

Vörösmarty Square, Erzsébet Square, Fashion Street, people everywhere celebrating the arrival of 2013 and for my last surprise, I saw the fireworks! I was expecting for them! They were non official, non coordinated, but they were there and that made my night perfect!


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  1. #1 by Renata on January 1, 2013 - 3:00 pm

    Happy New Year!! To all of us and the Italians! Always bringing noise and happiness!

    • #2 by grazielaa on January 1, 2013 - 3:04 pm

      That is true! how would it be the world without the Italians? Boring… 🙂

  2. #3 by Estela on January 2, 2013 - 12:01 am

    At the end, amusing episode! Happy New Year to you and my Italians “conterraneos” !!! Noisy and lovable people! 🙂

  3. #5 by marcia on May 30, 2013 - 2:08 pm

    Parabéns pelo blog, uma outra visão da cidade por uma brasileira.
    Desculpe pelo português, mas gostaria que indicasse restaurantes a partir da sua experiencia, assim como este italiano, prefiro uma boa comida a lugares luxuosos.
    Obrigada, Marcia

    • #6 by grazielaa on May 30, 2013 - 7:44 pm

      Obrigada Marcia! faz tempo que estou ensaiando para escrever dicas de restaurantes, esse final de semanda farei isso!

  4. #7 by marcia on May 31, 2013 - 1:00 am

    Acho algo interessante a ser falado, é: “o não pode passar batido” ou “o que não podemos deixar de experimentar ” (ex. pogacsa).
    Vou aguardar o próximo post. Márcia

  5. #9 by marcia on June 11, 2013 - 11:15 am

    Muito obrigada pela dica, vou aproveitar as dicas do site.
    Sei que vc náo me conhece, mas se vc quiser posso levar alguma coisa daqui para vc, infelizmente só posso levar “coisinhas” (imagino que tenha saudade de muitas). Chego dia 13 em Budapeste. Fique a vontade.
    Bj. Márcia

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