One post about nothing

This post has no important goal, just to show the crowd at the ice skating ring behind Heroes Square this afternoon. There was a long line outside of people waiting for their turn to enter into it. At moments like this, besides the fact of the huge line, I am really sorry to not be able to ski. I have tried many things for the first time in terms of sports, I even started squash one and half year ago and also tried the traditional ski last year, but the ice skating is too much for me. Too slippery for me!

The ice ring is located in a place where during the summer there is a pond. The environment is completely different in opposite seasons, but the joy of people are the same. During the summer one can take a small and romantic boat and make short tours around the pond or simply sit around and enjoy the magnificent architecture of the Vajdahunyad Castle,  located at Városligét (City Park).

I am sorry for the bad quality of this picture, but at least it can show you a little more of this beautiful building above.

In front the ring, there is one of the most famous squares in Budapest, the Heroes Square. Soon I will make a post about it, meanwhile you can enjoy these  pictures taken this afternoon before (below) and during sunset (above).



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