Freedom´s Fury – documentary

  • This post goes especially dedicated to my followers who like sports and history.The documentary Freedom´s Fury is interesting if you want to know a little more about the Hungarian revolution of 1956. The story was told to us from the perspective of the Hungarian National water polo team which won the gold medal in 56. This Revolution is the most recent event that marked with blood the Hungarian history most.

    Every October 23rd, there is a National holiday here in Hungary. Also this is the day when I moved to Budapest in 2009. Actually, the day before I was told to not move in to my appartament because that holiday was a sad day and one should respect it. Then nobody can make parties, noisy or any other think that could represent lack of respect to the people who died that same day and following days in 1956.

    The country was already following the communist regime since 1945, when the Russians released the country and banned the Nazis from the hungarian territory. But as one says at the documentary, the Russians just forgot to go home. And then they stayed for a long time.

    In 1956, the people, specially the students in Budapest, started a marching on the streets of Budapest, starting from the Technical University at Buda side, crossing the river to meet the students from Corvinus and then Eotvos and heading to the Parliament. The people joined them and turned out that the majority of the population of Budapest was on the streets shouting to the Russians to go home and hopeful to establish a national government. The revolutionaries demanded Imre Nagy to be the new political leader that time. A new flag was created that day to represent the freedom. With a roll into the center, where the communism simbol was cutt off, this Hungarian flag is waved every October 23rd to remmember that day.

    I won´t say more. I don´t want to tell you more because I really want you watching this movie. It is so touching, so important to the Hungarians and to the history of this country the content. Also you will see lots about the city and learn how important the water polo for this country is.

    Luckily I came from a peaceful country that never experienced such fights, invasions, wars, but I really respect what the Hungarians and the Europeans lived in the past and most recently the people at African and Middle East has been going through.

    Here I give you the link for the 1st episode, but you will find the whole documentary at YouTube:


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