The masseur and the profit

This morning I had a massage. This is very common here in Hungary, specially if you go to a Spa, wellness hotel or to a thermal bath. Turkish, Sweden or Thai massage are the most populars. It was very nice and relaxing, then I decided to share something related to I experienced several months ago.

For a long time, for no reason my legs were time to time swelling and the doctor said I should try the lymphatic massage to try to get rid off the liquids. This is a technique where the masseur drains your lymphatic system and it helps the swelling, cleaning the toxins from your body and also stimulate the circulation.

I did this massage for years in São Paulo in a branch of Onodera located at Alameda Pamplona (São Paulo) but that never solved my problem and only now I realized why!

Once you enter at Onodera or any other super esthetics clinic, they can convince you that you are the ugliest (and fattest) person in the world and their magic (and expensive) massage and other therapies can solve all your problems, cure your cellulite and also make you slim. Of course you also can eat whatever you want during the treatment. More you eat, better for the clinic! Sorry but this is so unfair to the customers who look for therapies and pay lots of money for that.

But the women must learn there´s no free lunch. If you want to shape your body, you must change your habits. You have to work out, you have to change your diet and you can´t make Coke the only source of liquids to your body. Otherwise you are just throwing your money away.

Ok, but this is not the point here. This is not a blog for vanity topics J. What I was about to share was my experience with a masseur here in Hungary who I found to do this lymphatic massage.

He was very nice and he sounded very professional on my first appointment. I loved the results and when he asked me when I would like my next appointment came the best part. Thinking as an ex-Onodera client, I told him the next day or every day at that week, I don’t remember it exactly. Then he looked at me shocked! “You can´t do it tomorrow! You can´t do it shorter than at least 1 week!” he said.

Why not? I have a serious problem and I need it desperately! As many sections as I can do are better to my body, at least this was what the esthetics clinics and the women magazines always told us…

But not in Hungary. Not to Zsoli!

He is so professional and so fair to his clients he explained me something that makes total sense: “I have plenty of time available but you can´t do it every day. The massage or any other therapy should teach and help your body, but your body needs to learn how to work by itself. If you do the massage every day, the masseur is doing your body´s job, instead of your lymphatic system, and them starts the vicious circle!” the point is: your masseur makes your body a hostage, drains your lymph and your money, but you won´t have any long term improvement this way!

We started his way and Zsoli every week gave me homework. Some specific training to do at the gym or at home and some preparation the day before every section, like to drink 2 liters of water and natural citrus juice (lime, lemon, orange or pommel) mixed to stimulate the lymphatic system.

After 3 months, Zsoli was not richer and I was not poorer either, but swelling issue on my legs had gone.

Did you get the point here? The money is not the most important for some professionals still… luckly!

  1. #1 by Estela on December 25, 2012 - 11:37 pm

    Although the subject is not about Budapest, it’s a precious information about health and beauty! Very useful for me, ex-Onodera too! Keep sharing your experiences…Whatever they are. Thank you.

  2. #2 by cllective on December 27, 2012 - 12:31 pm

    Justamente o dinheiro e o culto ao corpo não é tudo nesta vida, o mais importante é aprender viver!

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