What inspires you?

For the photographers in Budapest is easy to tell what inspire them: the city!

Budapest is so grand and so beautiful that is the favorite theme for many amateur and professional photographers currently.

220px-Capa,_D-Day1We have to say that the talent for photography has been appreciated for a long time worldwide since the Hungarian photographer Robert Capa (born Endre Ernő Friedmann, 1913 –1954) stamped his name in the history. Happily, the Hungarians aren´t combat photographer as Capa was (the picture at right was taken during the D-Day in 1944). He was killed in a battle field while he was doing his job. But Capa is a Hungarian icon, we will come back to him in a separated post, it is worth!

Nowadays, the young generation tries to eternalize instead the moments of the city for the next generation and warm up our heart with the emotions recorded in a blink. In the age of social media, several pages at Facebook socialize pictures of this new generation and make everybody to dream or remind Budapest. A good example is the most popular https://www.facebook.com/#!/IBudapest?fref=ts .

Some talented members of the new generation of photographers publish their pictures at those web pages, for example, one of my favorites, Mark Mevai: https://www.facebook.com/mark.mervai.photography. Let´s see below some samples of his recent work. Hope you enjoy it!

lanc hid_lady in red  bathyany ter_bus

Lánc Híd (Chain Bridge) and Bathyany Tér after the rain

25132_377488821967_1105989_n  szabadsag ter_fog

Váci Utca and Szabadság Tér in a fog day

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