Songs to drive in Hungary – Part 1 (Republic)

One tip: if you ever have to sing a song in a Karaoke in HUngarian, Republic is my tip for you! I am sure you will succeed because I did!

Last year we made a team building with a Karaoke. Everybody was shy, nobody wanted to start and then I offered myself for the first move. In Hungarian of course! It was very nice, but I have to say I cheated!

I drive everyday 60km commuting back and forth to the country side where I work. From my house until the office, I fill my time with nice songs, that cheers me up and specially those I can sing. I have to say that even though I am not fluent in Hungarian, I can sing Republic. At least some songs and out loud inside my car! Thus, from the car to the Karaoke was only a small step!

My favorite is “Szállj el kismadár” (fly small bird fly) and of course it was my choice as well for my public presentation. Listen it and tell me if this song is not the best for sing and drive?

Also Republic has sad songs like “67-es út” (Road 67). I don´t know if this is true or not, but I was told Cipö (Shoes – yes, his name means Shoes!), the enigmatic singer, wrote this song for a friend who died in this road. But is beautiful and I can sing this as well:

The naive songs like “Mégegyszer nyár” (Once more is Summer) are also very nice to wake you up in the morning!

Some Hungarian friends of mine don’t like Republic. They say the lyrics and the song are too simple. That is tru, but I like it. For me it is song to sing and that is it!

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