Repulj mádar repulj! – Hungary, a world of potencials!

There is a group called Budapest Business Region that is focused on promote the area of Budapest for investments. They have a website about their goals, but I am just mentioning this fact because in 2009 they comissioned a short video that I recommend you to see if you don´t know anything about Hungary but is interested in. Also in 2010 another video was made using the same concept. The second one is longer but also it sounds for me a deeper appeal to turists. Then we got the point of this blog.

Budapest is a fatastic destination. As any other city has its problemas and the life is not easy here, specially recently. But you are just a turist, so enjoy it as much as you can and read the other posts I will share shortly.

Find the links below:

Budapest Business Region

Budapest Business Region – Get Engaged

Hungary – World of Potentials

Some informations about Hungary and the videos:

Population in HUngary: around 9,9million inhabitants
Population in HUngary: around 1,7million inhabitants but the extended area can reach 3million
Language: HUngarian – give up to try to speak even simple words during your short stay, nobody will understand your accent anyway except if you practice a lot the unique Hungarian letters sounds! Mimics are always welcome though! 🙂
Currency: Forint (HUF) and it is about EUR1,00 = HUF280,00
Credit cards are extensivally accepted and you can find ATM machines everywhere
Public transportation (Budapest): the subway in Budapest is not so big but it can take you to the places that really matters… the urban buses are old but also are a good option. And the best in my opinion is simply walk or ride a bike around! you will find another Budapest!
Nobel Prize and inventions: HUngary is famous by the highest number of Noble Prize per inhabitant or the other way around. The thing is no matter that the people is just 10million Hungarians, they got 18 prizes ( and they are very proud about it. Reason why the videos highlight the hungarian investions…
The Hungarian music has a variety of stiles and you will find good music, no matter if you are looking for a classic, opera, ska or rap…

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